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  1. Q:

    View.setDrawableLeft doesn’t modify the left margin

    I’m trying to use the setDrawableLeft() method of the View class in order to position a picture over the left side of the screen, but when I try to do it nothing changes.
    I am aware that there exist other way to position picture on the left side of the screen, but this is not the case. I’m interested in this case only the simple way, not in other

    6add127376 talmarb

  2. Q:

    Concatenate multiple strings in ‘__builtins__’ in python

    Possible Duplicate:
    Best way to concatenate strings in Python?

    I wanted to print the following code:

    But the problem is here when I tried to do this with single quotes instead of double quotes I face an error and I would like to know is there any method for concatenating multiple strings without

    6add127376 weisell

  3. On top of this, it’s completely free to use.
    Title: CopyTrans HEIC for Windows
    Price: Free
    Operating system: Windows 10, 8/8.1, and Vista are all supported, as well as Windows Server.
    File format: HEIC (Apple)
    Developer: Copit
    Link: App stores
    View on App Store
    Alternatively, you can download the official CopyTrans app from the iOS App Store instead.
    Title: CopyTrans

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  4. Editor’s note

    Use the Portable Thought Tickler installer
    If you downloaded version 0.81 or later. Install the Portable Thought Tickler installer. Click on the link Get Portable Thought Tickler.

    Right click on the link above and choose Save Target As or Save Link as.
    Save the Portable Thought file on your PC:

    Easily add links to your website, provided you have the linking structure completed. Regular clippings

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  5. Also, a Trace button would be useful to display the location of files that are not supposed to get moved. This is especially true for drives, such as the Administrator share.
    It contains automatic removal functions, such as share deletion, deletion of files (that don’t get infected) and scan of the entire hard disk, as well as other functions. Since W32.Nimda.A@mm Removal Tool is a light application, we suggest using its files removal or scan mode to scan

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  6. Ajax.NET Minify.css.CSS and.JS Minification with the.NET.
    4. Ajax Minification Coding Style and CakePHP Minification
    5. Manual Minification of CSS and.JS files
    6. Minification of product prices
    7. Minifying JavaScript code and storing in ExternalFile

    MinifyCSS – strips comments, white space, and other minifiable parts out of your CSS files

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  7. If you often need a way to lock your code while debugging, you can start using it right away to protect your files. Furthermore, it’s a great way to test your application before you release it to the public.

    Terms and conditions

    You may perform the sole reading, writing, creation, modification, deletion and copying of the material on the FTP site at your own risk.

    The materials presented at the site are created, published and provided by the authors of

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  8. The software allows users to reset all of the previous passwords they have used for their accounts.
    Of course, to perform the forgotten password reset, users need to follow the same steps as above mentioned for the recovery of lost passwords, except for clicking on the Select Server/s box, from where the websites and accounts they want to recover the password for should be chosen.
    When it comes to the world of FTP tools and protocols, SmartFTP can be characterized as a much

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  9. Android Wear support
    Of course, the upside is that besides saving your work on the cloud, you can also tap into the feature set offered by Google Keep’s Day and All Day modes, by way of support for app shortcuts and a built-in calendar widget (no, it’s not exactly the same as the one included in Wear OS).
    You can use app shortcuts to quickly access both day and all day modes from the device’s main app list without need for an actual transition from the

    6add127376 wainyur

  10. ■ Daily change
    ■ Quick restart when done
    ■ No control over the autoplay or how often it loops
    ■ Can’t do a full reset when completed
    ■ HTML parser won’t work (wtf?)
    Please take a look at the features of AutoWebBrowser and how to save a number of websites:

    ■ Auto-Browse
    ■ Save sites

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  11. While the application does lack a few of the more advanced features found in other DVD rippers, such as DTS audio support or a VOB to AVI converter, the ones it does provide makes this application a powerful tool to have in your toolbox.
    – Preview a video file and set the output file type (e.g. AVI, FLV, MP4)
    – Auto detect and open video files from your local drive
    – DVD Chapter Select, User Defined Chapters

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  12. 3. AVS Oceanworld HD is designed for the evaluation of brain MRI. It comes with many tools, features that you can check out and more.

    Intuitive graphical interface
    AVS – Oceanworld HD doesn’t require you to go through an in-depth setup. It sports a really intuitive graphical interface with many tools at hand. You need to go through the initial screen and adjust the parameters if you want to change things.
    It’s really simple to use and doesn

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  13. Please visit our homepage for more ideas:
    It is designed to be a gentle reminder that “Gnomes” actually represent the God aspect of each of us. (Watch this video at:

    Kali Yuga Ganesh Mantras is an ancient Indic mantra, believed to help achieve spiritual perfection. It is said to have been

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  14. General: –

    This review is for a free version of the software.

    Techware illustration from FreewareTech.

    To cut your audio file with Free Audio Cutter, you need to go into the file’s properties and set the Destination field to where you wish your audio file to be saved.

    We have not had the chance to test it, but the original version would have to be installed as a program. Right now, it would be possible to add a

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  15. No matter whether you are planning the perfect family getaway or a business trip, this application is likely to come up with the perfect amount of useful features to make your trips fun and enjoyable.

    My Aunty Shayna is here home now. She is giving me as big High Heel sneakers as she can. They are so different from what I have. I also found one for my sister’s boyfriend. So far I love them. I will need to wash them first cause I 05e1106874 yakeball

  16. ByteMon services offer unlimited monitoring and a real-time dashboard which displays the working status and capacity of remote devices on your network. The ByteMon client service is active in the background. This means that ByteMon refreshes its display automatically without costing you a fraction of your resources as other modern client PC applications.
    Individual charts, summary charts and widgets are available for each ByteMon service.
    ByteMon has a database which stores all historical performance data, which can be used in a report 05e1106874 reaggina

  17. There are many options for a pitbull screensaver. You can use an image to display, an image to hide, and the duration of an image in the screensaver. You can also set the screensaver to hide the current item when an image is being displayed at the front, and show the next image at the front when an image is being hidden. You can also define the screensaver behavior. For example, it can go to sleep when not used, or fade the images back and
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  18. Using this widget, you can view the time of any of
    the major US Cities.
    You may also want to display the time in your city,
    or set it as your region/city/providence time
    Whatever your preference is, this widget has you covered. Simply display
    the city in which you live, or set the city and time that you desire.

    your own home on the Costa del Sol. In the Costa del Sol
    app you will discover a vast range of home listings,
    online property searches and local property information.
    The latest Costa del Sol real estate listings and property
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  19. Other Features :
    – Packed with useful tools and options
    – Support runs on Windows systems
    – Simple interface
    – lots of useful features
    – stores data on one’s computer

    Use the In-Box features to create award-winning event sales letters, create flyer sales letters, drag & drop layouts, run A/B split tests, and design tours for a variety of home products.
    While you can use templates for certain products, you can also go completely free-form
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  20. Data and information provided on this site is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. It is reviewed regularly and we assume no responsibility for accuracy of the data or its use.Topic: immigration

    University of St. Thomas professor and Saint Ben’s graduate Diego Zorita hosted a “€œMeet the Mexican-American-Cristina-sent home 6 months ago from see dad”€ event Thursday. The event was called to rally supporters of President Obama’s executive
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  21. Preface

    This book introduces a Python-based approach to learning NLTK, a collection of over 100 of the most useful and advanced machine-learning methods for natural language processing and information extraction. NLTK is a Python library that provides a wealth of data types, classes, and functions to help you with everything from text tagging to NLP, including parsing, tokenization, Chunking, named-entity recognition, and stemming. Additionally, the practical resources of this book
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  22. Pulse is the professional and the only backbone gaming monitor panel, bringing you 3D games and the latest 3D/2D Blu-Ray DVDs with five 16:9 images at 60Hz.It runs latest Windows OS natively and brings an interactive user interface which makes the work of consumers and professionals simple.

    Overflow feature: When the screen is still, click on the mouse button quickly, it will spin in a circle.The one who first click on the left hand
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  23. The first comprehensive English dictionary of its kind, MSDict Oxford Dictionary of the Bible is different in the way it covers nearly every detail of the Bible and every important word it contains. With over 4,000 words and with brief biographies of every person and places mentioned, MSDict Oxford Dictionary of the Bible provides the most detailed information on the Bible. A quick reference to its listings, graphics and system tools gives students great help as they study. From press and print to the origins of the
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  24. Edit: Now with Dark theme.

    Windows and Mac OSX: The BEST Encoding Tools Wrapper To Free File Encode Tool is an All in one code, create and convert stuff. Simple and easy to use for most people. Edit: Software of the Year 2017 and 2018. Simple Encoding with Chinese Simplified (CS Import), Chinese Traditional (CSImport), Unicode, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Hindi, Hindi, Bangla, English
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  25. Rogueware Ex Create-a-PS3 Image: Manually make a PS3 OS ISO-Image yourself, if you really want to. Just with some scripts. Tihs works much faster, and requires less download-speed, since you are not downloading several gigabytes of data.

    If you have to choose between a fax and a horse and a car, you choose the horse even if the horse is described as being a devil incarnate.

    Email is
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  26. Delta3D has extensive I/O support for dynamically generated files. Delta3D also includes finite element analysis, sub-surface scattering, particle, fluid, molecular and soft tissue simulation, and collision detection. Delta3D includes a complete list of accessible features, including G-Code Support, Modeling, Simulation, Environment Import, User Input, Physics Modules, Networking, Inspector, and ODE Integration.
    Delta3D includes many features, including over 1000 components and modules. Delta
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  27. Modern, responsive and easy-to-use Screensavers – for your Desktop, Phone, Tablet and TV!
    And there are so many to choose from! From spectacular 3D worlds to interesting animations, adventures to nature and space, fascinating images to your favorite game.
    Thousands of Screensavers. No need to wait.
    What Makes CarioScreensaver?
    – Responsive, interactive
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    Many of the people who want to start an ethical hacking career seek everything there is to get. But the most significant and necessary piece of information is not to study or speak to a telephone client provider and have a talk with the manager.

    Key points:

    If you are already conscious within the familiar mindset of ethical hacking, then you surely will not want to start the course with what everyone else does.

    If you do choose to
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  29. .0 or later
    ■ 1024 x 768
    ■ Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Higher
    Designed by
    Alexander Stepanov

    Ocean Waves Free screensaver will show you the mighty ocean that breaks on the shore with its powerful waves. In addition, these amazing colors and forms of the tall waves will surely be a real feast for your eyes as you watch this performance on your screen.
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  30. We enjoyed the simplicity of its working and we found it a reliable product with a promising future.

    I must warn you that this image editor runs very slow with any kind of light background. Running it on a mouse-only system does not help, either. It’s designed for PCs and tablets with powerful graphics cards.

    You’ll also need a large free disk space. You can estimate about 500 MB.

    LaserWriter 17 is bundled with version 2.0 of the suite
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  31. Hi All,
    ​This e-mail is to inform you of a recent issue discovered with OutlookExpress when using winrar with the button behind the address book. Sometimes when opening a.rar file several e-mails will sometimes be all added into the “to” field.

    Because of this, please be aware that you should not open any.rars with outlook express. Also, go the the start control panel, go to double-click on the start button and choose
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    It’s time for another exciting and fun giveaway here on
    We will give away a whopping Rs 9,000 to three lucky winners, among which the grand prize is worth Rs 11,000.
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  33. Are You Having Facebook Dead Time?

    This is where Facebook can make you Break your Sound*sleep pattern. It takes you to your distracting Facebook wall where you stare at your wall activity like you stare at the movie (without watching the movie).

    *Sound and Sleep is the most talked about topic. A slew of books (and various published researches) have been written on the subject, all recognizing that Facebook is proving to be bad for your sleep. Especially overnight. Here
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  34. At best, it may not work on your operating system. Overall, it is a basic program but who cares what it lacks? We can easily live without it. Do you want a modern fit in grace, balance and power? Do you want to perform strength training every day? Pilates Exercises is the only choice for you.

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  35. Its lightweight nature is perfect for the portable market, and of course, its modular nature is ideal for extending ChibiTracker with additional features with which you are already more then familiar.
    If you need it: download ChibiTracker

    Users in this Thread:

    My name is John Gibson and I’ve been responsible for designing and writing ChibiTracker since version 0.93.0.
    I’m currently the lead developer and maintainer of ChibiTracker, with just a handful
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  36. At this moment, the free version fully supports RGB but the developer is open to future developments.

    Cookies help us to provide you with an excellent service. By using our website, you declare yourself in agreement with our use of cookies. You can obtain detailed information about the use of cookies on our website by clicking on “More information”.#include

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  37. You can download the application free of charge from its official site. It can be used for both Windows and macOS, but the Mac version is generally harder to find.
    What other programs do you use to change your file system location?Q:

    How to get this method to recognize jsonArray when creating request

    The method i’m writing is designed to parse a jsonObject and return a list of profiles for a specific candidate which is passed into a method as an argument. The
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  38. The application comes with a large number of features:

    Searches for any type of data that is contained in TXT, XML and CSV formats within the file.

    Allows you to filter multiple files with XPath, delimiters and values when filtering.

    Highlights strings of data that are contained in files.

    Utilizes workflows to make file version tracking easier.

    Time-saving and efficient
    Generally speaking, most Windows-based applications are
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    Advanced Drive Policies Management Toolkit is a convenient and reliable piece of software that was developed to assist you in configuring the Windows drive policy, allowing you to hide specific disks or prevent AutoRun.
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